Every Friday!

Me and Julio perform every Friday from 5-7:30 at The Point

me and julio happy hour

is located on 147 Hanover Street in Boston, MA which is a stone's throw away from Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market right near the Haymarket T stop.

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Boston, MA

Me and Julio , formed in September 1998, has performed thousands of shows together. The duo is made up of Jeff Fraser on lead vocals, guitar and harmonica, and Brandon Lepere on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards. Brought together by a shared excitement for entertaining, good music and humor, Me and Julio continue to perform on a weekly basis year after year. The music they cover is of a wide variety ranging from Neil Diamond, to Garth Brooks, to Rick Springfield, to AC/DC to name a few. With strong vocal performances and two part harmonies, the duo is known for playing almost any request and have become a staple in the Faneuil Hall area.


Happy hour

Fridays at "The Point" of Boston is the "home base" for Me and Julio. The happy hour takes place every Friday at 5:00 at THE POINT on 147 Hanover street in Boston, MA and was created sometime in the year 2000. The weekly show brings in many regular customers who are looking to let loose after work, and also brings in a lot of visitors that may catch a glimpse of the band through the window and stroll in to have a drink or two. Be aware that when you walk in, you may get called out... Celebrity look alikes, overdressed, underdressed, or plain old whackos WILL get called out! It's all in fun of course. If it's your birthday, the band would love to sing "Happy Birthday" to you and maybe throw your name in the next song. One thing you can always count on is that the "skull" will be raised on Fridays at The Point!

Private Parties

Me and Julio are available for private parties! The duo has performed at many private events including weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, pool parties, Holiday parties and especially back yard summer parties!!!  Me and Julio always recieve AAA feedback and have a great reputation for making events fun and memorable.